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This is the current work-in-progress page for the WAP11 manager for GNOME. I'm working on "porting" the WAP11 access point manager from Linksys for my Linux/GNOME desktop at home. I had to install windows again on one of my spare boxes just to manage the AP, which I'd rather not do. There are other operating systems and technologies that I'd like to play with instead of keeping several hundred megs free for a bare Windows95 install.

Latest News

7/17/01 - A few weeks ago, I received an email from Mark Petrovic containing a small present: The Linksys WAP11 MIB!!!! This obviously makes life easier, and will accelerate development of the tools. I will get things moving along shortly and will having something working in the next few weeks.

Also, from Mark, SNMP info:

Finally, he modified the MIB for use with the NET-SNMP tools directly. Here is is.

Thanks Mark!

Older News

I've spent some time using the NET-SNMP tools, specifically snmpwalk, to get a listing of all the OIDs accessible on the linksys. Or, I tried to get a listing of all with the following:

snmpwalk public .1

This seemed to generate inordinate amounts of network traffic with nothing showing up on my screen. So, I tried the following:

snmpwalk public enterprises

which seemed to work (it listed enough for me to get working). I've come up with the following deductions of what each OID maps to.

I also have the following glade project which generates the interface. Someone may be faster than me coding the actual SNMP calls, so I'm making this available (I don't really know much of anything useful about SNMP, so this will take longer than it should. It's also my first GNOME/GTK+ application ;-)

More info soon.


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